Besides the traditional system advisory, our consultancy can bring the physical world into the enterprise digital architecture through the use of wireless sensor networks (WSN), Internet of Things (IoT) , Machine to Machine (M2M)  and Radio FrThe mechanismequency Identification (RFID) systems.

These automatically add real time inventory data, asset tracking, and equipment variables to corporate systems.

In industrial environments, equipment can report real time operation conditions, location and operating settings enabling proactive maintenance and improved equipment up-time.

From strategy, technology and project reviews to project implementations we provide expert assistance to your organization.

On occasion, a product grows stale and its adoption plateaus. A product review ForkInRoadand market fit analysis can highlight adjustments to reactivate client use.

We can define incremental product changes that generate additional returns with minor effort. Developing compelling services around existing products to generate new interest.

We have implemented difficult real time and simulation systems to complex financial systems.

We have been there.

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